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Cytowell – the energy source for every cell of your body

All living cells in our body require energy in order to do what they are supposed to. Muscles need energy to move. The brain needs energy for memorising and -remembering. The heart needs energy to continue pumping. Lungs cannot breathe without energy. The ability to produce energy is the prerequisite for a cell to live. Without energy, all cells die.

In modern society, it is important for people of all ages to retain their ability to perform.

Irrespective of whether we use up our energy in physical or mental activities: there are times when we get to our limits. When demands are high, e.g. in a lengthy meeting or a difficult exam, Cytowell supports body and mind. Cytowell is also particularly recommended to treat the effects of jet lag and lack of sleep. Concentration and stamina are improved. Doctors also recommend these dietary supplements for sleep disorders.

More than 1000 metabolic reactions in the human body are controlled by NADH

  • NADH is the energy fuel in each cell
  • NADH helps cells to remain intact
  • NADH supports the body‘s own defence system

In a process known as cellular respiration which goes on in each individual cell within the body, a special fuel usable by the cells is produced from glucose, namely NADH. In a cascade of metabolic processes, NADH reacts with oxygen, producing water and energy. This energy is stored chemically as ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

Cytowell improves concentration

The decrease in available energy over the course of a day or during times of particularly intense mental or physical work often results in the loss of concentration, a decline in the ability to think and a reduction in productivity. By taking Cytowell, the body is supplied with energy (NADH) and the deficiency signs reduced.

Expert opinion by Dr Djimjadi

ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the chemical name for energy in our bodies. In order to produce this, the cells in our body absolutely require coenzyme 1. Without ATP, our bodies cannot function. As the fast pace of our modern lives requires significantly more -energy (ATP) and coenzyme 1 than anticipated by nature, people in modern society suffer from an imbalance between energy production and energy consumption.

Impairments to health in our time can mostly be traced back to the imbalance between energy (ATP) supply or production:

  • Stress and burn-out syndromeHyperactive children
  • Children with concentration disorders / school stress
  • Headache and migraine
  • Tiredness and exhaustion
  • Sleep disorders and depressive moods
  • Circulatory disorder affecting the whole body
  • Forgetfulness / Parkinson‘s disorder

A healthy body can only function with an additional supply of NADH (Cytowell)..

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