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Expert opinion by Dr Djimjadi

Alcohol and NADH:

Alcohol is a very popular beverage that rich and poor people worldwide enjoy drinking.
There are people who can tolerate more alcohol and there are people who can tolerate less alcohol. This capability mainly depends on the quantity and activity of the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase.

This important enzyme is activated by the co-factor (activator) NADH (Cytowell), which leads to a faster oxidation. A brief contact with the liver cells leads to an improved alcohol degradation and therefore reduces liver damage.
As a result, NADH (Cytowell) should always be taken when enjoying alcohol.
Recommended use: 3 pills before drinking alcohol and 3 pills afterwards.

Erectile dysfunction also often occurs as a result of too much alcohol:

Under the influence of alcohol, the production of the sex hormone testosterone is blocked, which means the more you consume the lower your sex drive is.

To interrupt these mechanisms, NADH (Cytowell) should be taken.
In the presence of NADH, the alcohol-induced inhibition of the production of testosterone is reduced or non-existent.
NADH (Cytowell) also works for generally a low sexual drive!

Suggested initial consumption: 3-3-4 Cytowell and additionally 3-times daily L-arginine over a period of 6 weeks. Afterwards 2-2-3 Cytowell and additional L-arginine if necessary.
There are no side effects!!

Dr. med. Joseph Djimjadi, Internist in Augsburg
acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, biological cancer therapy, complementary medicine, autoimmune diseases and energy medicine